Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hopeless Optimism

Hopeless Optimism

"You need to get it right only once" I told myself
And the rest-as they say-would be History
Day after day, I trudged along with Hope
That Moment of Success, still a Mystery

I smiled at faces that screamed a scowl
And knocked on doors that had never opened
Genuine efforts would never go in vain
It was a sin to be heart-broken

Burnt bridges could be rebuilt with time
And searing wounds would heal
It was just a matter of weathering the storm
And smiling through the ordeal

Success lurks in the shadows of failure
Those unworthy can never see Her face
She likes it when you are battered and bruised
But still manage to run the race

Paths that are ideal are winding and dark
Get some dreams to string along
There is always light at the end of the tunnel
And a better World awaits with the Cuckoo's song

It takes Courage to get up each time you fall
The World isn't sparing in its cynicism
But when you learn to smile and push ahead
You know you've arrived with "Hopeless Optimism"
                                                                                 - 26th February 2016, Sunday