Friday, August 23, 2013

A Conversation with the Sea

A Conversation with the Sea

I sat down on the sand,cross-legged.Poised to take in all that the place had to offer.No other soul was in the vicinity.The sky was just starting to turn red, promising a glorious sunset.It was just us...Me and the Sea...

I always felt that the sound made by the waves was not just noise;That there was a pattern to it,there was a meaning to was as though the Sea wanted to convey to us some deep thought. I started trying to understand the sound of those waves, and that was how our conversation began.....

"What are you?" I asked the Sea."I try to convince myself that you're just a huge mass of water....but every time I see you, I see you in a new light. Today, you embody all the peace in the world..tomorrow you're disaster personified. You play with us like a child, but then, you're the lifeblood of millions who depend on you. On the one hand you make a hundred thoughts spring in my the same time you impose your calm on me.What are you?"

Two small waves tickled my feet,as though acknowledging my question. "You're right. I'm just a huge mass of water. Or shall I say, a huge mass of water with a soul. A soul that goes through almost all emotions that humans go through. A soul that houses trillions of other life forms and treats them equally...something a human soul can never do.But whatever the emotions, the essence is calm. That is my truest form."

I had to agree. I could sense the calm. It was as though the Sea had induced that calm in me. My mind was suddenly blank. It was detachment. I could feel that sense of isolation. Yet this isolation made me feel a part of some grand plan, rather make me feel down, or lonely, for that matter. All I wanted to do was continue the conversation.

"Where do you end? Or begin? I strain my eyes to see as far as I can see..yet I cannot see the other shore. Why is that?" I asked.

"That's because I want you to stretch yourself to the limit. I see human beings often putting limitations on themselves and achieving very little. When you see me, I want you to reflect on the potential you have. Reflect inward and discover the sea of potential you have. The vastness of your intellect. The moment you see the other shore, you're likely to feel that reaching there is easy. I don't want to make things easy for you.Strain your eyes; strain your intellect to reach there. Cross the Sea of Ignorance. Therein lies your destiny......."

I pondered over this. How true the sea was. There was so much on the other side. So much left to achieve. One had to aspire to be on the other side..always...each mile crossed would be a milestone. But I had more pressing questions on my mind.

"You touch so many lands. Millions reside on your many shores. How are they different from us?"

"I see no difference. It is humans who perceive the difference and create barriers. In fact, I sometimes feel I am a barrier that creates misconceptions. But like I said, you need to cross that Sea of Ignorance. You may belong to different cultures. But the values that define humanity are universal. The language of love, peace, empathy; The feeling of success, happiness, melancholy- they are the same throughout the world. I'm lucky to have seen them being expressed across cultures. I'm lucky I'm able to connect with them. I'm lucky when people come to me for that moment of peace and calm, I'm able to provide them with that. I'm lucky the Creator made me what I am...the Sea."

I was amazed at the simplicity of the answer.For someone who believed the Sea to be a giant mass of water- power and authority personified- I was floored by its humility.
"You have a big heart." I blurted.

I could almost sense the Sea chuckle. "It comes with age, and wisdom. I've seen so many civilizations take birth, flourish and die on my shores. Battles have been fought in my waters-turning it red with blood. I myself have caused wrath and destruction in many places. None of it was intended. But somewhere, we all fit in the grand plan of the Creator. And when you understand that, you lose all your ego. I have developed the magnanimity to let trillions of life forms flourish in my depths. I've let millions of human beings sustain themselves using my resources. And every now and then, there are a few like you, with whom I converse. I don't know what you take away from that, but I understand a lot from each human being I talk to."

I could now actually feel the presence of the Sea. It seemed to have a personality of its own. I wanted to call it "he" or "she"- giving it a near human connotation. But then, I felt the whole exercise would be so mundane. The Sea would probably never aspire to be human. But we humans, could always aspire to be the Sea- and embody the vastness of knowledge, depth of feeling and humility of being.

The sunset was as amazing as ever. As the went down in the horizon, I asked the Sea "Don't you feel you defeat the sun every evening? A sense of superiority?"

"Ofcourse not" the Sea said. "Why would a Mother feel superior when her beloved son comes home to sleep?"

The waves still made sound. Only now, they appeared to be singing a lullaby........

                                                                                               - 23rd August 2013