Monday, May 20, 2013

Leave your baggage behind...

Leave your baggage behind...

I stretch my hands to touch the sky
Yet something holds me behind
My eyes try to reach that distant star
In any way I can find.

The dreams that we long cherish
Need a single moment of courage
The difficult paths are always trodden alone
you'll never find an entourage.

I hear opportunity knock on my door
Yet try to pretend it's not there.
The fear of an impostor lurks in my heart
A failure is something I wouldn't dare.

The imagined fear of failure
The rumour of risk and uncertainty
Is the baggage that weighs me down
Along with a misconception of responsibility.

I become a shadow of myself 
And pretend I'm not there.
It's a battle between my dreams and fears
The winner would decide how I'd fare.

As my dreams finally vanquish my fears 
Confidence clears my mind
I hear opportunity screaming at me now..
"Leave your baggage behind"

                                                                                   -20th May 2013