Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Student of life...A Student for life

                                    A Student of Life...A Student for Life

Enrolled in a class for life
To which the right is birth;
Each day is a lesson in itself
While you are on Earth.

Be it the innocent joys of childhood
Or the tempting pleasures of youth;
An adulthood filled with responsibility
Or old-age when dawns the wisdom of truth.

From the battles fought all alone
To the tender charm of love;
From a hundred friends along the way
To those who no longer exist now.

That relentless pursuit of a beast called success
While escaping the jaws of failure;
That constant struggle against our inner demons
And all the wrong routes that allure.

A conflict between dreams and values
And the path to take to the sky.
Do you take the ladder or the rocket?
Or simply learn to fly?

Enrolled in the class of life
The lessons you learn decide how you fare.
A student of life-A student for life
As long as you're there!

                                                                 -13th November 2012.