Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Vehicle Of Life"

"Vehicle Of Life"

On a birthday, when i finally came of age
I was gifted the "Vehicle Of Life"

"Use it well",my parents said
I did not want a guide
There was something I missed in their tone
For my heart was swelling with pride.

It had a bloated body full of energy
An engine of raw youth.
The wheels could run with mindless ambition
At an indecent speed,to tell the truth.

I steered my steed with a lot of power
Intellect was the fuel;
Competitors swarmed all around me
But I was ready for the duel.

Such was the zeal,such was the zest,
Confidence and belief beyond measure;
I drove everyday with a burning passion
My vehicle was the loveliest treasure!

To"success" is a winding journey
And companions I had none;
The empty seats stared at me
And I was all but one.

The body took the heat,
The engine all the pain;
There was still some ruddy fuel left,
But my heart was in vain

For I looked into the rear-view mirror,
And saw all that I had left behind;
Myself,my friends,my family......
Everyone who had been kind.

"You should never drive it empty"
My parents said on my return.
But never did they know that each day alone
Had been a lesson in life to learn.