Saturday, February 27, 2010


People. I always believed that the world is full of different people. Yet life is- or rather HE is- very unlikely to keep the world so straight. It is so simple yet so complex and unbelievable that
each one of us-You, me and everyone else is a lot more than one single entity. The world is full of us. And yes,each one of us is a world within.

Just sit back and introspect. Each one of us has different shades-a pure white, the not-so-pure grey and the ever repulsive black. We would have maximised one of them but ofcourse the rest are resting somewhere,dormant,ready to reveal themselves at the opportune m0ment. We could be colour blind to spot the grey and would have masked the black with an overwhelmingly white attitude-often overloooking the fact that there are no white crows.
Without the introspection,each one of us is an enigma to ourselves.

But is the world so cruel that each one of us need to have more than a tinge of black to survive.....?!!!!!
This is the question that bothers me most often- specially when there is a sudden surge of black
from a pure white soul. Experiences can change perception is what I learnt. White could be very graceful,but without that smallest tinge of black it is very vulnerable. One bitter experience could turn the world of that soul topsy-turvy and it would never be the same again.

Plainly speaking, a bitter experience in a sensitive person's life can change the way the person looks at the world. Pure white could make it impossible for the soul to accept the harsh realities of everyday life.Life is not perfect.GUYS SUCH UTOPIA DOES NOT EXIST!

But then again, life is not just battle and bruises and malice and distrust. There is a rosy side to it as well. What we do sometimes is once we know that there is something which hurts our white, we simply shield it with black. Ironically that black is repulsive to any positive energy as well.
The end result again, is that we are not affected by negative energy,but we are not blessed with positive energy as well. It is sad,but true.

I guess we need to step aside from the race-if life is one-and take a deep breath. Trust the next person who comes with a little bit of our positive energy.See if he can multiply it. Most of them generally can. Then there is the occassional person who tries to misuse it,throw him out of your world and look out for the next one. But to mask ourself with a veil and fight the world, resisting each person who turns up-will eventually make our world dark and friendless.
We could end up isolated. And it is this isolation that breeds negative energy and traits within us.

Each of us is an abudance of positive feelings and energy. Once in a while,we could lose some of it in the form of a person or a friend or a relationship. But that does not mean the world is black. It is more the fact that the vaccum created by the loss is clouding our mind. We just have to resolve to walk ahead for a certain distance-and rediscover the lost positive energy in whatever form. Rest assured that we will be stronger than last time-as with or without meaning to, the last experience would have left a tinge of black in our soul-that makes us immune.

We ironically live in a world where materialism is steadily conquering everything otherwise.
The innumerable shades of colour are quietly replacing white,black and grey. Go get a moment of solitude and examine where you belong.
If you ask me, you belong to that world that belongs to you: That world of WHITE ,BLACK and GREY!