Monday, September 28, 2009

of pleasure,bliss and happiness

OF PLEASURE, HAPPINESS AND BLISS..... first sight, all of them could mean the very same. Pleasure, happiness and bliss- a triplet, but nonetheless each of these possesses its own
identity, an identity worth some examination.

Pleasure, according to me, is just the temporary gratification that we derive from certain mundane experiences of human life. It just penetrates the senses and nothing more. Good food, a nice movie, noise mistaken for music,alcohol,cigars and drugs are certain things that immediately strike my mind. These things captivate our senses and our brain is temporarily engaged. The moment our brain is saturated, the pleasure wears of. Infact, pleasure just clouds the brain. The intellect has no role here. Pleasure is just an animal experience, and ofcourse there is nothing wrong with it.

A deeper experience, in my opinion is happiness. It is something WE DON'T
experience that often-partially due to the fact that we fail to recognise it.
We are often oblivious to the infinite set of circumstances that could make us happy, right from the smile of a child to the twinkle in the eye of the first person we wish in the morning. Materialism has sort of driven us away from the greater and serene experiences of everyday life. The joy of sharing, the sense of victory and ironically, the relief of a reprieve are all little experiences that do make us infinitely happy- if only we choose to recognise them.The morning sun,the smell of mud after rain, the chirping of birds,can make us happy-if only we choose to observe them.An eye for nature and its subtleties, a small break from our monotonous routine to observe life around us, and a keenness to observe and learn from our own lives, will surely help us discover happiness.

But BLISS is surely not for the mortal in each of us. I always believe that mortals though we are, there is always a divine being in each of us who rises to the surface when he chooses to. And while pleasure and happiness is all about give and take, bliss is just about giving. It is about giving away what you like the most, it is about giving away what you desperately want-and still experience a sense of weird satisfaction.It is about giving ,expecting nothing in return. It is all about forgiving and if possible forgetting. To be blissful is to be humble and dedicate your success to people around; To be blissful, is to smile when the next person is successful. I envy people involved in social service,because I feel they have the shortest path to being blissful. Yet,to be able to strive for the society, without expecting anything in return is a tremendous achivement in itself.

The stronghold of pleasure often deprives us from feeling the gentle caress of happiness. But in shaking both of them off to wander in search of bliss can truly make us forget the expectations and disappointments of everyday life.

Sunday, September 20, 2009



DREAMS - a way of life,i dreamt.
The land of fantasy, the land of reveries beckoned me
I didn't have a choice-I didn't want a choice
So I dreamt
And I dreamt

That all my ambitions were a little different-from my dreams
My ambitions-my dreams
It was just a thin line of difference
Ever so thin...yet so obvious
My ambitions could always be dreams
But dreams could never be ambitions
So I dreamt
And I dreamt

That dreams were larger than life
That dreams were better than life
That dreams were my life
That my life was a dream
I was probably right
They cross don't they?
Dreams and and dreams...?

They say life is too short to dream
But you need to
Your life is what you are
Your dreams are what you want to be

"So fill your life with dreams"-He said
In the land of fantasies,in the land of reveries
Or so I dreamt
And I dreamt

Till life woke me up and said "Stop dreaming!"
Do I have to...? I still wonder......

A sunday's meal, a blogger's feel and lots of zeal have prompted me to explore and indulge in this (mis)adventure.Being an avid reader,and a hopeful writer,i wish to use this blog to express my thoughts and views.Though new to the nuances of blogging,I am optimistic that my blog will have some mileage if only I choose to express myself from time to time!
Wish me luck!